5 of the most unusual patents you never knew existed

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In the vast landscape of human invention, some creations stand out not for their complexity, but for their sheer uniqueness. Every year, individuals and companies alike come up with inventions designed to solve problems you might not even know you had.

Delving into the world of patents, you will discover a plethora of these unusual designs. These innovations truly exemplify the idea that necessity (or sometimes just plain whimsy) is the mother of invention.

1. Dust cover for dogs (1964)

If you have ever struggled with fleas on your pet, Kesh Seroun offered a solution in 1964. He patented a dust cover for dogs that not only makes it easy to apply and keep pesticides on your furry friend but also protects your home furnishings during the treatment process.

2. Device for moistening the adhesive coating on postage stamps and envelopes (1981)

For those who love sending letters through the mail but despise the glue’s taste, Donald B. Poynter introduced a moistening device in 1981. This device lifts an absorbent applicator from liquid and transfers it over the stamp or envelope’s adhesive layer. To add a touch of humor, the applicator looks like a human tongue, with a human lip design for the cover.

3. Snake repellent system (2001)

Those with a fear of snakes will appreciate Thelma F. Pogue’s 2001 invention. She designed a specialized container you fill with onion or garlic. When attached to an individual, the aroma from these items, known to repel snakes, disperses through several openings.

4. Umbrella carrier for a bicycle (2010)

If you have ever cycled in unpredictable weather, Jae Sung Hong’s 2010 patent might intrigue you. He designed a device to attach an umbrella to a bicycle. When mounted, it shields you from the sun’s rays or rainfall, ensuring both safety and comfort during your rides.

5. Automatic shower device (2020)

Taking a leap into the future, in 2020, a group of innovators patented a shower device capable of automatically washing, scrubbing and drying a user. Initially designed for those with mobility issues, it offers the promise of convenience after a tiring day.

The world of patents offers a fascinating glimpse into the creative minds that never cease to surprise with their innovative solutions. The next time you encounter a minor annoyance in your daily life, remember: someone, somewhere, might just be inventing a fix for that!